For ear-catching, mind-blowing music for a concert or festival, for dance music for a

wedding or corporate party, for an outdoor or indoor venue, here are some of our

artists that are proven crowd-pleasing favorites.



 Let us know what kind of event you are planning!
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What we do:

We represent a wide variety of Brazilian live bands to perform in different events from venues performances, concerts, festivals to a quiet gala dinner party or a more energetic employees end of the year parties. 

Whether you are planning a thematic holiday party, a team-building seminar, or a company picnic, Asuos Productions has the experience and passion to fulfill any and all of your entertainment needs. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you in planning everything from the most private party to the largest Audio/Visual production. 

We’ll help you identify the artist or ensemble that best suits your event, often putting together a custom ensemble that can accommodate several different styles.

Solos / Duets / Trios / Quartets/ Small & Large bands/Concerts or even Festivals.

What kind of music to choose?

It depends of what kind of event you are planning. Brazilian Music has a large list of music rhythms and styles to choose from. If you are planning an energetic dance party , we will recommend Samba or Forro. If you are planning a seating dinner party, we recommend Bossa Nova, Brazilian Jazz, and Choro music. It really depends of the mood of your party!

Brazilian music was Influenced by several music styles from other countries and a new style of music were created like:


Just call us or email and let us know what kind of music event you are planning, we will put a band together to perform in your event.

We will be there to make sure your event is a hit!


Yes, we are also a publishing company, presently working in partnership with Brazilian Music Foundation publishing Bossa Magazine ( Brazilian Art and Music Magazine). 

Check out all editions at: www.bossamagazine.com

Contact: info.bossamagazine@gmail.com

Artist Management
We are specialized to helping artists in managing their web-pages, bookings, and marketing their concerts.

Contact: madalena.sousa@asuos.net