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Touching the Stars

Lyrics by—Madalena Sousa – 11/20/2011


Like a candle in the night

You bring light to people’s life

Like an angel when you sing

You bring comfort to people’s life

As passenger of the night

I follow your voice through the skies

Trying finding you with the other stars


I will always be listening to your voice

Through the music of the night

I hear you singing beautifully

Like I never heard before

And, so I thought

God made an angel that sings all night along

So as the night went by

I felt I was not alone

Hearing your voice

Brought tears to my eyes

I see you are trying to fly

In the direction of the stars

One you get there

Success shall shortly arrive

Absolutely gracious is what you are

When the night is gone by

The dawn will arrive

Helping the sun to shine

Opening the path to people’s heart

Like an angel in the night

When you sing

You already touch the stars







Copyright@2011 Madalena Sousa info.bossamagazine@gmail.com